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Facial Treatments

$45 The Quickie Facial(approx. 30 minutes) 

This facial is great for in between your targeted facials. We use products for your skin type to cleanse, exfoliate, treat, and hydrate. No frills or fluff in this facial, but you will leave with clean bright skin! 

$75 The Deep Cleanser Facial(approx. 60 minutes)
Our standard facial. This facial is great for any skin type. Using products we select just for you we cleanse and exfoliate the skin to clean the pores and remove dead skin. You will be relaxed with a facial massage and hot towels. Then using a mask and targeted treatments we soothe and hydrate the skin to leave you glowing skin.

$75 The Extractor Facial (approx. 60 minutes)
This facial is for any skin type. Clogged pores and breakouts can leave your looking aged, dull, and unhealthy. We use targeted products to loosen and clear the dirt and oil from the pores. We perform extractions and then apply products that will continue to work deep in the skin to control oil in the pores and eliminate toxins.

$85 The Acne Facial(approx. 60 minutes)
This facial is for acneic skin. Acne can be a struggle to treat and control and we understand your pain. In this facial we use our acne products to dissolve and clear the oil and dirt from the pores. We use galvanic and high frequency treatments to penetrate deeper into the skin for maximum product penetration. With regular facials and a home regimen with correct product you can watch your skin transform to healthier brighter skin that you can be proud to show off.

​*add in a LED Light Therapy Treatment to help with inflammation and oil control due to acne.

$95 The Anti-Aging Facial(approx. 60 minutes) 
This facial is for aging skin. Signs of aging can start at any age. In this facial we use our age fighting products, natural fruit enzymes for a deep exfoliation and removal of dead dull skin, and galvanic treatments to help repair and prevent damaged skin. Your skin will be glowing and with regular treatments and home product use you will see healthier glowing skin!

​*add on a LED Light Therapy Treatment to aid in the firming of skin and cell renewal.

$65 The Backcial(approx. 60 minutes)
This facial is for any skin type. We often do not see our backs and it is very common for this area to get congested pores, breakouts, and dead skin. In this facial we use cleansers and scrubs to clean deep to clear the pores of dirt and oil and remove dead skin, leaving your back smooth and healthy.

$95 Microdermabrasion Facial

Galvanic Iontophoresis Treatment
This intensive treatment uses advanced technology to penetrate skin specific complexes deep into the skin. This provides long lasting results and radically improves key skin concerns.
SCHEDULE: Six treatments, ideally performed once a week for hyperpigmentation and aging skin. Once every three to four weeks for general skin conditions, rosacea and sensitized skin. Use on the skin for four to seven minutes.

Galvanic Desincrustation Treatment
This intensive deep cleansing treatment uses the latest technology to dissolve skin congestion, unclogging pores to achieve smooth, clear and clean skin. Ideal for oily and problem skins that experience blackheads and breakouts.
SCHEDULE: Six treatments, ideally performed once a week for oily, acne and teen skin. Once every three to four weeks for general skin conditions. Used on the skin for four to seven minutes or three to five for more sensitized clients.

Note that although the level of current is very low and therefore safe for most clients, galvanic procedures are not recommended for clients with metal implants - including body piercings with metal rings, etc., pacemakers, heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes, and if you are pregnant.

High Frequency Treatment
High frequency treatment is used to treat and prevent acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin inflammation, and more.


Microdermabrasion is perfect for treating flaky skin, wrinkle reduction, relief from hyperpigmentaion and acne scars, oily & congested skin, blackheads, whiteheads, ingrown hairs, sun damage, crow's feet, cellulite, stretch marks, enlarged pores, and blemishes.

This can be added to any facial. For best results this treatment isadministered in a series of visits.